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Here's How You Can Break Free and Start Your Own Business Without Putting You Family or Lifestyle at Risk Even if You Have "Golden Handcuffs"*Break%20Free%20Entrepreneur_5*5x8*5_sample1_v5*jpg?alt=media&token=45b185b9-e5c4-46d6-93de-76340cd9a58b

Welcome to the Break Free Entrepreneur Book!

It is THE ultimate guide to smartly and successfully break free from employment and safely and successfully start your own business...

It walks you through the exact steps I used to replace my multi-six-figure income by leveraging my expertise without putting my family or lifestyle at risk, and it's easier than you think. 

IF you have a PLAN!

And that's what this book gives you!

How to Smartly, Safely, and Successfully Break Free to Self-Employment so You Can be in Control of YOUR Life

If you’re a top performer ready to break free but worried about the impact to your family and income, this book is for you!

What if, instead of fearing the risks of breaking free, you had a PLAN that showed you exactly what to do so that kept your family - and income - safe? And what if it also strengthened your financial foundation and set you free?

THAT is what this book will teach you: How to break free smartly, safely, and successfully so that you can control your future. You’ll also learn: 

  • Exactly what you can (and should) do to replace your income doing your own thing (so that you know you’ll be OK)
  • How to design the perfect business structure for you (so that your new business serves your life instead of running your life…that’s what you’re breaking away from, after all!)
  • The keys to creating and leveraging your “Authority Space” (the area of the market you can dominate so you attract instead of chase clients to you)
  • How to find clients quickly so you have revenue on day one (imagine having income the second you start!)
  • The steps to increase your “financial runway,” or the amount of time you can fund your life now and in the future (this is what it’s all about!)
  • How to plan for taxes, “entity” structure, funnels, and financial tracking (so that you build generational value in your business)
  • How to strike the balance between keeping things simple and growing quickly (as long as it’s tied to your goals, you can build anything you want!)
  • …and much more

Don’t let another year - or week - go by wondering and wishing what it would be like to do your own thing and be your own boss. Pick up your copy today!

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About the Author

Andy Garrison has been in the wealth management space for 17 years and has helped many break free, including himself. 

He is passionate about helping people find total freedom and eliminate money worries in their lives. 

Andy lives in Overland Park, Kansas with his family and pets and believes everyone is meant to do amazing things once they are free. 

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